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BCU Star Tests

1 Star (Generic) Test

A flatwater award which demonstrates that the holder has basic boat control and foundation skills. The test can be taken in any type of paddlesport craft.

2 Star (Generic) Test

An improvement award which demonstrates the holder's paddlesport skills, understanding, and experience.

3 - Star test: Craft and environment-specific

The 3-star Award demonstrates that the holder is a paddler rather than a beginner, competent in sheltered to moderate water environments.

3 - Star Touring

Taken in any suitable craft, on open water, estuary or river with discernable 'green flow'.

3 - Star Open Canoe

Taken in a traditional open canoe, solo or tandem, on open water with winds up to force 2-3 and simple moving water.

3 - Star White-water kayak

Taken in a white-water type kayak, on open water and white-water up to and including grade 2.

3 - Star Sea Kayak

Taken in a white-water type kayak or sea kayak, during a sea journey with wind up to and including force 3, and Sea State 3.


FSRT - Foundation Safety and Rescue Test

The FSRT course is designed for all paddlers, irrespective of type of craft. The course aims to provide the student with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a sheltered environment and to be able to deal with common emergencies.


BCU Bell Boat Helm Award

The Bellboat Helm award is aimed at teachers, youth leaders and others who wish to introduce and develop paddlers in Bellboats for recreation and sport based on placid water. BCU membership is required for the award.


BCU/UKCC Coaching Awards

We can arrange training and assessment for the following awards. Pre registration with BCU is required to take a coaching qualification, and full details are provided with the application pack.

We will run a course for a group of club paddlers, teachers, youth leaders or others.

BCU/UKCC Coach Level 1

BCU/UKCC Coach Level 2

Transfer module from BCU L1 to BCU/UKCC Coach Level 1

Transfer module from BCU L2 to BCU/UKCC Coach Level 2

Courses can be provided at your own venue, which needs to be within easy reach of suitable water, or at venues arranged by us. BCU Star Tests and FSRT can be taken on some of our Canoeing and Kayaking Holidays and Courses.

Check our 'Late Availability' page for opportunities to join existing courses.

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