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'Active History' Heritage Theme Activity Days, night walks and Breaks

Our 'Active History' programme combines an introduction to historical and natural history themes, combined with outdoor activities which bring the topic alive. Heritage days and night walks can be combined into a three-day 'Active Heritage' programme, which will allow us to spend more time on aspects of the topic, and on the associated outdoor activities.

Industrial Heritage - Chartists, Quarries and Canals

Ancient Arts - Archery and Coracles

Anglesey Heritage - Maritime, Wildlife and Landscape

After Dark - Stargazing, Moonwatching and/or nocturnal wildlife.

'Industrial Heritage' -

South Wales

Pithead and Mine Buildings

 Cottages beside Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

Mostyn Evans

The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal is now a peaceful scenic waterway and a haven for wildlife, but it bears many traces of its industrial beginnings. Travelling the canal by canoe, we may cross the Usk valley by the Brynich aqueduct, land to explore the network of tramroads or look at canalside limekilns of a byegone industrial age.

Mountain View showing quarry and inclines

Iestyn Mortymer

The tramroads of South Wales once carried quarried and mined materials to the canals for onward transportation. Now they are peaceful tracks used for recreation, but the relics of their past can still be found, as we walk or cycle the tramroad system from quarry to canal.

This day can be combined with caving or canoeing.

Entrance to the Chartists' Cave on Mynydd Llangatwg

Zephaniah Williams

South Wales was a hotbed of Chartist activity, leading to the march on Newport in 1939. There is a traditon that the Chartist's Cave was used as a secret meeting place and arms factory.

Follow in the footsteps of the chartists, including a hike across Mynydd Llangattock to the Chartists' Cave.

This day can be combined with caving or climbing.

Ancient Arts

Available from Easter 2012

'Ancient Arts' days can be combined into a three-day 'Ancient Arts' activity programme, which will allow us to spend more time on aspects of the topic.

• Owain Glyndwr

Archery. The long bow is thought to have originated in Wales, and this ancient art was used in hunting and warfare. Learn more while masterng the basics and testing your skills at target archery.

Castle in South Wales

Madog ap Llywelyn

A hands-on look at the pivotal role of Wales' numerous castles in the history of the nation. A practical exploration of a castle from the point of view of defenders and attackers. Build (to scale) and test your own siege engine in controlled surroundings.

This day can be combined with Archery.

Giraldus Cambrensis

Once described as "The little boats of the Welsh" Coracles have been used for fishing and transport since time immemorial. Build your own coracle and put it to the test on the water!

Anglesey Heritage

Exploring Ynys Mon - Anglesey on foot and by canoe/kayak, at a leisurely pace taking time out to enjoy Ynys Mon - Anglesey's excellent tea-shops! We can arrange programmes suitable for beginners to canoeing/kayaking, or those with some experience.  


Kayakers paddling under Menai Bridge to the Swellies

'Edward Llwyd' Tour

Our Edward Llwyd Tour starts with a cliff-top walk to view the coastal landforms that make up the breathtaking scenery of Ynys Gybi - Holy Island. Later, we go afloat on sheltered water to study cliff formations at first hand.

For the rest of the week, we explore the varied wildlife habitats of the shore and inter-tidal zone, on foot and/or by canoe or kayak. Each day we will look at a different habitat. Subject to availability, the days can be taken separately, or as an extended holiday.

No canoeing or kayaking experience is needed, as we use craft appropriate to your ability ('team' boats for crews of 4-6 available by arrangement).

Landing by kayak opposite Caernarfon Castle

Landing by kayak opposite Castell Caernarfon - Caernarvon Castle.

'Owain ap Gruffydd' Tour

Ynys Mon - Anglesey is a relatively small island, but it has a rich and varied heritage. Ancient megalithic monuments, Druids, Romans, medieval castles and Telford' spectacular bridge aross the menai strait are among the locations we may visit on this tour, by canoe or kayak and on foot.

The programme for this holiday will vary according to the canoeing/ kayaking experience of course members; weather, and sea conditions.

After Dark



The Brecon Beacons are renowned for their dark skies, and one one of our nightwalks will take you to a site where you can enjoy the night sky in tranquil surroundings.

Depending on the season and weather, you can enjoy stargazing, moonwatching or sights and sounds of Wales' nocturnal wildlife.

If the sky is cloudy, we can enjoy some night navigation, to help you on future stargazing adventures!

See our 'Stop Press' page for available dates for individuals to join existing dates.

If you book an exclusive date as a group, there will be no others on that activity, so you have complete control over when you book and who else is on the activity!

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