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Mountain & Water is registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide specified activities under the following headings:

Kayaking • Open Canoeing •

Improvised Rafting •

Rock-climbing • Abseiling •

Caving and

Mine Exploration.

Mountain and Water

is a registered centre with


National Navigation Award Scheme


Not a 'catch-all' solution

We find that educational and youth groups get most value from outdoor activities when the programme is well-matched to the needs of the client group; recreational, team-building or as a vehicle for another agenda.

We concentrate on what we do best: facilitating the outdoor activity; leaving you free to do what YOU do best: work with your pupils or clients to achieve their aims and those of your organisation. We arrange bespoke programmes for education, youth and social services groups. We are an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) Expedition Section.

Sessional Activities

A school or organised 'voluntary' group such as scouts or cadets, school groups on residential holidays, may prefer our 'stand-alone' activity sessions. These include instruction in the activity, but are conducted in an informal way with the emphasis on exploration, adventure and enjoyment. You may book one session, or as many as you wish. Some activities can be combined in one day - please contact us to discuss this.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Young people enjoying a game of canoe and kayak polo.

Half-day 'taster' sessions: Canoe and/or kayak at various river, canal and lake venues. 

River Trip An excellent day out and a favourite with our school and youth groups! Suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience. Using open canoes and/or kayaks, to explore the scenic river Wye with its abundant wildlife. After a short lesson on the basic paddling strokes we set off downstream taking a river bank picnic on the way. No capsize drills are needed for these craft, and even nervous beginners rapidly progress to complete the trip.

For an extended adventure, try our Canoe Camping Tour on the River Wye

BCU 'Star' Tests We offer training and testing for BCU 1 - 3 Star and Safety Awards in open canoes. open-cockpit kayaks and closed-cockpit kayaks.

Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering



"In exploring the world, children often discover themselves". - National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS).


Combine key skills in map-reading and interpretation with outdoor adventure. Wayfaring and orienteering enhance both self-reliance or teamwork skills.

Guided Walking: Let us plan a route to bring your curriculum to life! Mountain summits, geology, industrial heritage, plantlife, star-gazing...

Wayfaring: An introduction to map and compass skills and a great way to learn the rudiments of navigation. It is an ideal introduction to pastimes such as hill-walking. And it's FUN!

Orienteering: Just as much fun, but a more competitive experience. Working in pairs or small teams, children plan a route and collect the control points to complete the circuit in the best possible time. 

NNAS Navigation Navigation Award Scheme

Mountain and Water is a regixtered centre for the National Navigation Award Scheme. We currently offer:

'Young Navigator' Star Awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

NNAS Bronze Level Award

The 'Young Navigator' 'Gold Star' leads into the: NNAS Bronze Level for adults and older children.

Improvised Rafting and Bushcraft


Schoolchildren paddling an improvised raft on placid water

Raft-building combines outdoor adventure with problem-solving and teamwork skills. Basic materials and some advice on design and knot-tying are provided.

Building the very popular 'skin' covered frame kayaks, starting from freshly-cut branches from a sustainable source, gives an added dimension. The group will design, build and ultimately race their craft over a short course against their peers. Single or non-competitive teams may undertake a short journey in lieu of the race. NB - due to time constraints, we use a combination of natural and modern materials.

Bushcraft puts outdoor learning to practical use, groups can build shelters, identify edible plants (under supervision) to prepare and cook a meal on open fire. Bushcraft can be extended into a night walk, to add a challenging and unforgettable dimension, engaging all the senses (ideal for the first night in camp).



Archery can be taken as a fun session, learning the basic skills in a half-day session. However, we find that many people get 'hooked' and want to spend longer, pitting themselves against various targets and skill-building games.

Archery is also available as part of one of our themed courses combined with other ancient arts such as coracle-building, in the context of their historical setting.

Rock-climbing and Abseiling

youth group abseiling

This activity combines personal challenge with trust and teamwork. Any age or ability can take part, as we vary the activity to provide an appropriate challenge.

Using the security of a top-rope system, beginners quickly get to grips with moving around on the rock face, and can choose how high they climb, before descending using the rope. Each member of the group can be involved in safeguarding their peers while climbing.

Abseiling is introduced as a fun activity as well as part of the wider climbing skills.


school group preparing for a trip underground

The underground experience is special ,and south Wales has some of the best and most easily accessible caves in the country, with challenges suitable for all ages and abilities.

A typical caving trip is an adventrous journey, led by our knowledgeable guides, exploring large caverns, tight squeezes and submerged streams.

Night Walk

The countryside takes on a different atmosphere after dark, bringing all your senses into focus. The Brecon Beacons are reknowned for the quality of the night sky, making this an ideal place for night walking. Depending on the weather, and the phase of the moon, we may enjoy star gazing, moon watching, bat watching, night navigation and orienteering....

Come with an open mind and enjoy!

Canoe Camping Tour along the River Wye

school group paddling the River Wye

Camping equipment can be hired from us if required.

For educational and youth groups accompanied by teachers or adult leaders.

Two or more days travelling the River Wye, stopping at riverside camp sites.

Our guides will accompany you on the river each day, and see you safely to your overnight camp site, leaving you to enjoy your own evening programme.

Our Night Walk may be added from some camp sites, by arrangement.

New for 2014

Crossing Scotland by canoe - the An Gleann Mòr / Great Glen Tour


Camping equipment can be hired from us if required.

For educational and youth groups accompanied by teachers or adult leaders.

An unforgettable journey along a geological fault through the Scottish Highlands, travelling on canals, lochs and possibly rivers, stopping at waterside camp sites. The journey is usually five days paddling time, but we take a week for the journey: allowing time for rough weather breaks, relaxing or sightseeing.

Our guides will accompany you on the water each day, and see you safely to your overnight camp site, leaving you to enjoy your evening, although we may offer evening activities such as Night Walk and bushcraft in suitable conditions.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

• Training for expeditions on foot, by canoe, kayak or cycle.

• Expedition Assessment and Supervision.

• Qualified instruction for BCU Star Tests, canoe, kayak, placid water, river, lake and sea.

• Canoe and Kayak hire.

Bespoke Courses for Youth and Social Services Groups with special needs or agendas ...

• Self-Awareness

• Group Issues

• Co-operation and Team-Work

Field Studies. If you are looking for an outdoor session, day or longer activity to combine with your key stage requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our Active Heritage programme can be adapted for school groups, or we can design a course to meet your needs.

Group of young people relaxing after an Adventure Trail

All education and youth group programmes are by arrangement, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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