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Mountain & Water is registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide specified activities under the following headings:

Kayaking • Open Canoeing •

Improvised Rafting •

Rock-climbing • Abseiling •

Caving and

Mine Exploration.

Mountain and Water

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National Navigation Award Scheme


Not a 'catch-all' solution

We find that educational and youth groups get most value from outdoor activities when the programme is well-matched to the needs of the client group; recreational, team-building or as a vehicle for another agenda.

We concentrate on what we do best: facilitating the outdoor activity; leaving you free to do what YOU do best: work with your pupils or clients to achieve their aims and those of your organisation. We arrange bespoke programmes for education, youth and social services groups.

Sessional Activities

A school or organised 'voluntary' group such as scouts or cadets, on field trips or residential holidays, may prefer our 'stand-alone' activity sessions: Archery; Active History; Canoeing and Kayaking; Caving; Climbing and Abseiling; River Gorge Adventure; Coasteering; Walking, Nordic Walking, Orienteering and Wayfaring; Night Walk.

These include instruction in the activity, but are conducted in an informal way with the emphasis on exploration, adventure and enjoyment. You may book one session, or as many as you wish. Some activities can be combined in one day - please contact us to discuss this.

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What better place to try archery than Wales, where the long-bow is thought to have originated!.

Archery can be taken as a fun activity or 'taster' session; learning the basic skills in a half-day session.

Archery is also available as part of one of our heritage-themed- activity days in the context of their historical setting.

We use a range of targets to tailor the activity to your group, and combine skills coaching with games and, for the more competitive groups, a friendly tournament to round of the session.

Active History and Natural History: Theme activity days.

On our 'Heritage' themed activity days and breaks, learn more about the surroundings while enjoying healthy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and canoeing. Each named theme can be booked as a 'one-off' day session, or combined to make a themed break, allowing us to spend more time on the topic, and the outdoor activities..

South Wales Industrial Heritage: Tramroads, Quarries and Canals.

Medieval Day: Castles, Archery and Catapults

Canoeing and Kayaking

River Trip

A great day out, and one of our most popular activities for education and youth groups.

We pack lunch and spare clothes into barrels, load up the canoes, a brief session on canoe and kayak handling and we are off on a self-sufficient journey downriver.

Placid Water Trip

Ideal for younger children. The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal is placid and sheltered, with a path alongside, and with negligible current, so we can travel out and return to the start point.

Multi-day Trips

We will lead your group on the water for a multi-day trip, staying at camp-sites, youth hostels or other accommodation to suit your preferences and budget.

Skills and qualifications courses.

We offer a programme of courses leading to BCU 'Star' tests, and basic rescue qualifications.

Unaccompanied canoe hire is available through our associate company: Backwaters.


The underground experience is special and South Wales has some of the best and most easily accessible caves in the country. A typical caving trip is an adventrous journey exploring large caverns, tight squeezes and submerged streams. All trips are led by knowledgable guides who will make your time underground educational and entertaining.

Climbing and Abseiling

Climbing and Abseiling are available as one-day tasters or as part of a multi-activity package, we aim to introduce participants to this exciting sport in a controlled yet stimulating environment.

Using the security of a top-rope system, beginners can quickly get to grips with moving around on the rock face and trying out various methods of safeguarding their climbing partners.

Abseiling is introduced as a fun activity in itself as well as being an important part of the wider climbing skills. Indoor venues may be available in bad weather.

River Gorge Adventure

River Gorge Adventure is ideal for an informal group activity with the emphasis on fun, but the adventurous journeying element provides unique opportunities for teamwork and co-operation.


A `Wet and Wild` day at the seaside!

Coasteering is difficult to define - it's different every trip! We follow the coastline, close to sea level. At times this may involve scrambling, climbing, wading, jumping into the water and swimming. One thing is for certain - you will get VERY wet!

Walking, Orienteering and Wayfaring

Guided Walking

Let us plan a route to take in whatever interests you most. Mountain summits, woodlands and waterfalls, geology, industrial heritage, plantlife...

Single days or multi-day walks with overnight camp or B&B.

Our 'Active History' programme may also be of interest.


An introduction to map and compass skills and a great way to learn the rudiments of navigation. It is an ideal introduction to pastimes such as hill-walking. And it's FUN!


A more competitive experience. Working in pairs or small teams and with an atmosphere of friendly competition you will plan your route and collect the control points to complete the circuit in the best possible time. 

Nordic Walking

Enjoy as an activity in its own right, or combine with map and compass skills,`Active Heritage` or other activities.

Night Walk

The countryside takes on a different atmosphere after dark, bringing all your senses into focus. The Brecon Beacons are reknowned for the quality of the night sky, making this an ideal place for night walking. Depending on the weather, and the phase of the moon, we may enjoy star gazing, moon watching, bat watching, night navigation or orienteering....

Come with an open mind and enjoy!

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