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Some of our activity days, breaks and courses are designed with families in mind. On these the activities are geared to a wide range of ages and abilities taking part together. Activities designated as 'Family' may be booked only by families, i.e. at least one adult and one child.

Our Activity Days: Canoeing and Kayaking; Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering; Improvised Rafting and Bushcraft; Archery; Rock-climbing and Abseiling; Caving; River Gorge Adventure; Coastal Adventure; Night Walk. can be booked on any available dates, to add something extra to your holiday.

If you want an activity holiday or break, try our 'Canoe Camping Tour' or one of our Family Holidays: 'Family Multi-Activity Holiday' and 'Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking' with self-catering camping included.

Activity days popular with families:

Canoeing and Kayaking

Half-day 'taster' sessions: Canoe and/or kayak at various river, canal and lake venues. 

River Trip An excellent day out and a favourite with families! Suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience. Using open canoes and/or touring kayaks, to explore the scenic river Wye watching the abundant wildlife, with a few games along the way.

After a short lesson on the basic paddling strokes we set off downstream taking a river bank picnic on the way. No capsize drills are needed for these craft, and even nervous beginners rapidly progress to complete the trip.

Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering

Wayfaring: An introduction to map and compass skills and a great way to learn the rudiments of navigation. It is an ideal introduction to pastimes such as hill-walking. And it's FUN!

Orienteering: Just as much fun, but a more competitive experience. Working in pairs, threes or as a whole family, plan your route and collect the control points to complete the circuit in the best possible time. 

Improvised Rafting and Bushcraft

Combine outdoor adventure with learning. Basic materials and some advice on design and knot-tying are provided. You can learn to build shelters, identify edible plants (under supervision) to prepare and cook a meal on open fire.

Building rafts, or the very popular 'skin' covered birch-frame kayaks,, gives an added dimension. Design, build and try out your craft on a short trip.


Archery can be taken as a fun session, learning the basic skills in a half-day session. However, we find that many people, including children, get 'hooked' and want to spend longer, pitting themselves against various targets and skill-building games. We have a selection of equipment to suit adults and children from age 8.

Archery is also available as part of one of our themed courses combined with other ancient arts such as coracle-building, in the context of their historical setting.

Rock-climbing and Abseiling

Any age or ability can take part, as we vary the activity to provide an appropriate challenge.

Children abseiling on an easy slope

Abseiling is introduced as a fun activity as well as part of the wider climbing skills.

Using the security of a top-rope system, beginners quickly get to grips with moving around on the rock face, and can choose how high they climb, before descending using the rope. Each member of the group can be involved in safeguarding others while climbing.


The underground experience is special and South Wales has some of the best and most easily accessible caves in the country.

A typical caving trip is a fun and adventrous journey exploring large caverns, tight squeezes, submerged streams. and plenty of mud!

River Gorge Adventure

"You don't have to be mad but..."

Abseiling, scrambling, waterfall climbing, rope crossings water jumps, rock slides, dark tunnels, sticky mud... Any of these elements may be involved when you journey along a river gorge, but whatever happens you can be assured of a memorable day. This is one of our most popular activities and is ideal for adventurous families looking to spend some "insane" time together.

Coastal Adventure

Not your usual `day at the seaside`...

Coastal Adventure is difficult to define - it's different every trip! We follow the coastline, close to sea level. At times this may involve scrambling, climbing, wading, jumping into the water and swimming.

One thing is for certain - you will get VERY wet!

Night Walk

The countryside takes on a different atmosphere after dark, bringing all your senses into focus. The Brecon Beacons are reknowned for the quality of the night sky, making this an ideal place for night walking. Depending on the weather, and the phase of the moon, we may enjoy star gazing, moon watching, bat watching, night navigation and orienteering....

Come with an open mind and enjoy!

Activity Holidays and Breaks Popular with Families.

These holidays and breaks can be booked on any mutually convenient dates by family groups of 4-10.

Canoe Camping Tour

River Wye

Family group paddling open canoe on the River Wye

A leisurely five-day guided tour along the beautiful river Wye, taking time out for sightseeing, and using a combination of riverside accommodation and camping on the way.  

Travelling as a self-sufficient group during the day, each evening you will arrive at a campsite where your tents will be ready erected. One night will usually be spent at a riverside B&B or hostel.

5 days £475

Inc. 4 nights self-catering camping.

2.5 days £250

Inc. 2 nights self-catering camping.

Family canoeing group River Wye opposite Hereford Cathedral 

This holiday can be booked on any available dates by family groups of 4-10.

Family Multi-Activity Holiday

children paddling open canoes on River Wye

5 Days, 5 Activities


Price £425 per person for 5 days.

This holiday can be booked on any available dates by family groups of 4-10. The holiday can be booked for other durations.

Includes self-catering camping.

(non-residential and/or 'bring your own tent/caravan options available, please ask for a quote)

This course is run on a self-catering basis at the award-winning Pencelli Castle Camp Site

on the banks of the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal.


children abseiling on easy slope

Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking

girl paddling kayak on placid water

4-8 June 2012

Price £395 per person for 5 days.

This course can be booked on any available dates by family groups of 4-10. The course can be booked for other durations.

General Course Info:

what's inlcuded; what to bring; what to expect etc.

This course is run on a self-catering basis (non-residential and/or 'bring your own tent/caravan options available, please ask for a quote)

at the award-winning Pencelli Castle Camp Site

on the banks of the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal.


Families playing ball game in canoes and kayaks

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