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Mountain & Water is registered with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority to provide specified activities under the following headings:

Kayaking • Open Canoeing •

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Mine Exploration.


Mountain and Water is a registered centre with NNAS National Navigation Award Scheme, a persoal performance, non-competitive, incentive scheme for all ages to learn navigation skills and gain confidence to get out and enjoy the countryside.

Young Navigator Award

The Young Navigator Award is open to boys and girls of all levels of physical and mental ability.

The Young Navigator Award has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, each with a certificate and badge upon sucessful completion.

The Young Navigator Award 'Gold Star' equates to Bronze level of the full National Navigation Award Scheme, allowing a natural progression for onlder chilren into the main scheme.

Young Navigator Bronze Star

Bronze Star starts indoors (or at camp), with map concept, symbols, scales and orientation. It can form the basis of an evening activity, within a wider programme.

Young Navigator Silver Star

Silver Star moves outside, and introduces the compass for orientation. Spational awareness is developed.

Young Navigator Gold Star


Gold Star covers line navigation on a local site (e.g. around your bunkhouse or at camp). Children organise and plan simple activities on site or nearby. Compass bearings and contour appreciation are introduced and developed.

National Navigation Award Scheme - Bronze Level

The NNAS Bronze Level award is suitable for adults or older children. This is a two days (minimum) course, on which evening sessions may be used in conjunction with outdoor navigation.

On completion of the course, students will be able to plan and safely follow walks in the countryside, promarily on paths and tracks.

Our NNAS courses may be taken in conjumction with our wider programme of Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering (see below); as part of a multi-activity programme, or on a 'stand-alone' basis. See the relevant section 'Adults'; 'Familes' or 'Education and Youth Groups' for details.

Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering with Mountain and Water

Combine learning skills in map-reading and interpretation with outdoor adventure. Wayfaring and orienteering enhance both self-reliance or teamwork skills.

Guided Walking: Let us plan a route to bring your curriculum to life! Mountain summits, geology, industrial heritage, plantlife, star-gazing...

Wayfaring: An introduction to map and compass skills and a great way to learn the rudiments of navigation. It is an ideal introduction to pastimes such as hill-walking. And it's FUN!

Orienteering: Just as much fun, but a more competitive experience. Working in pairs or small teams, children plan a route and collect the control points to complete the circuit in the best possible time. 

Night Walk

The countryside takes on a different atmosphere after dark, bringing all your senses into focus. The Brecon Beacons are reknowned for the quality of the night sky, making this an ideal place for night walking. Depending on the weather, and the phase of the moon, we may enjoy star gazing, moon watching, bat watching, night navigation and orienteering....

Come with an open mind and enjoy!

All Walking, Wayfaring and Orienteering programmes are by arrangement, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

 Date Last Modified: 25/11/11