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Treasure Hunt

team exploring a tunnel on a Treasure Hunt

Complete with treasure map and message in a bottle!

Following cryptic clues, coded messages and a few red herrings, to locate and recover the treasure.

Treasure Hunt is based on following clues and will include a lot of travelling over easy terrain, mostly on foot, but possibly also using public transport, bikes and/or canoes.

This exercise can be adapted to multiple teams racing each other to the treasure.

This is an ideal choice for teams who do not want a full-on activity-based challenge, but who want to enjoy an adventure in the outdoor environment.

Mission Entirely Possible

Team paddling an improvised raft on Mission Entirely Possible

Your Mission may include any of the 'active adventure' elements (canoeing/climbing/orienteering etc) along with problem-solving challenges such as bridge or raft-building, in a challenge set by us.

A wide range of skills are needed to complete the mission, making this is an ideal choice for a group with widely ranging ages and abilities. Everyone can contribute to the success of the mission without having to complete every element.

Adventure Trail

group crossing a river on Adventure Trail

A typical Adventure Trail will include sections on foot, mountain bike and canoe. A more adventurous trail may include an abseil or ravine crossing using ropes (certain locations only). Adventure Trail is ideal for teams who want a challenging outdoor experience without the element of problem-solving or mental puzzles.

The day can be set at a level to suit the group, but it is best if they are of roughly similar fitness. It is possible to have two teams at different levels, following separate routes and meeting at key points.

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