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Canoeing and Kayaking - Canwio a Ceufadio

Types of Canoe and Kayak used at Mountain and Water

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Paddlesport (canoeing and kayaking) has something for everyone! Open canoes, touring kayaks, white-water kayaks, sea kayaks... We offer courses in all types, from beginner to improver. On some of our courses you can try them all.

Open Cockpit Kayak

Open cockpit kayak on Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

Open cockpit kayaking is ideal for those who want to be ON the water, not in it.

This basic, user-friendly kayak was designed with beginners in mind, for touring and race training and is suitable for those who want to cover distances without going onto rough water. No capsize drill is needed, as in the event of a capsize you will fall safely out of the kayak.

Open Cockpit Touring Kayak

Touring kayaks on Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

These are similar to the Open Cockpit Kayak (above) but have a compartment for 'luggage' accessed by a hatch on the deck.

Open Canoe

Solo open canoe paddler on white water River Wye

The open canoe is also ideal for those who want to stay dry, but these versatile craft can be used for touring on placid, open and white-water.

With its large carrying capacity this is the craft for exploring well off the beaten track, or for family picnics.

Open canoes can be paddled solo or doubles, and some are 'family-size'.

White-water type Kayak

closed cockpit kayaks on River Usk

These kayaks have relatively tight-fitting cockpits sealed with spraydecks to keep out the water, and are ideal for white-water or local sea paddling.

You can move on from these to rodeo/freestyle designs, or sea kayaks.

To use a closed-cockpit kayak it is necessary to practise the capsize drill, to learn to exit the kayak safely underwater.

Sea Kayak

sea kayaks touring on Anglesey

These closed-cockpit kayaks are longer and straighter-running which makes them ideal for sea touring.

Their carrying capacity makes extended self-sufficient journeys possible.

To use one of these it is necessary to practise the capsize drill, to learn to exit the kayak safely underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canoeing and Kayaking

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