Themed Activity Days and Breaks


Our 'Heritage' themed activity days and breaks are for those who would like to learn more about the surroundings while enjoying healthy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and canoeing. Each named theme can be booked as a 'one-off' day session, or they can be combined or expanded to make a themed break.

Unless stated otherwise, these days are suitable for complete beginners.

'Active History' - South Wales

Available from Easter 2010

Our 'Active History' programme combines an introduction to historical themes, combined with relevant outdoor activities which bring the topic alive. These days are suitable for adults or families with older children, looking for a day out with a difference.


Industrial Heritage

• Mostyn Evans

The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal is now a peaceful scenic waterway and a haven for wildlife, but it bears many traces of its industrial beginnings. Travel the canal by canoe, learning about a byegone industrial age from the relics all around us.

• Iestyn Mortimer

The tramroads of South Wales once carried quarried and mined materials to the canals for onward transportation. Now they are peaceful tracks used for recreation, but the relics of their past can still be found. Walk or cycle the tramroad system from quarry to canal (can be combined with caving, canoeing and/or kayaking).

• Zephaniah Williams

Follow in the footsteps of the chartists, including a hike across Mynydd Llangattock to the Chartists' Cave (can be combined with caving).

NB - the 'Industrial Heritage' days can be combined into a three-day 'Industrial Heritage' activity programme, which will allow us to spend more time on aspects of the topic, and on the associated outdoor activities.


Ancient Arts

• Owain Glyndwr

Archery. Learn how this ancient art was used in hunting and warfare, before masterng the basics and testing your skills at target archery.

• Madog ap Llywelyn

A day of learning how Wales' numerous castles were pivotal in the history of the nation, fought and defended by siege warfare. A practical exploration of a castle, considering the point of view of defenders and attackers. Building (to scale) and testing your own siege engine in controlled surroundings.

• Giraldus Canbrensis

Coracle-building. Once described as "The little boats of the Welsh" Coracles have been used for fishing and transport since time immemorial. Learn about the different coracle designs used throughout Wales, build your own coracle and put it to the test on the water!

NB - the 'Ancient Arts' days can be combined into a three-day 'Ancient Arts' activity programme, which will allow us to spend more time on aspects of the topic.

Anglesey Heritage

'Edward Llwyd'

Avalable from September 2010 - one to five days.

Walk the cliff-tops to get an overview of coastal landforms, then embark by canoe on sheltered water to study folding at first hand.

Discover the wildlife of the inter-tidal zone, on foot and/or by canoe or kayak*. Each day will look at a different habitat, and can be taken separately, on as an extended study.

'Owain ap Gruffydd' Tour

Avalable from July 2010 - One to five days. Full Course Description

Five days exploring the coastal heritage of Anglesey, visiting key locations each day, on foot and by canoe or kayak*.

*The programme for this holiday will vary according to the canoeing/kayaking experience of course members, and on conditions. Programmes can be arranged which are suitable for beginners.

Bespoke courses:

by arrangement - email with an outline of your requirements.


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